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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is the perfect time to incorporate supporting women's health into your pharmacy. Whether it is supplement suggestions or nutrition advice, there are many ways to promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention that will draw customers to you. Here are some tips on how to do so.

1. Educate Customers

Be sure to inform your customers on the potential risk factors and ways to prevent major health concerns, especially breast cancer. Support customers to change bad habits and seek advice from you.

2. Gain Awareness

Awareness of the disease, its risk factors, and how to prevent it is just as important as knowing the nearest screening locations to your pharmacy. This way you can give customers a suggestion to the first steps of early detection as it could save a life!

3. Offer Support

A pharmacy is where women can go for supplements that can help prevent breast cancer or even simply improve their daily lifestyle. Share with your customers what you have to offer them and why it will help.

Your customers trust you to guide them in the right direction. Make your pharmacy their source for information to living a healthier life!

More information about breast cancer to share with customers.

Infographic from Telfair Pavilion, American Cancer Society.

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