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PharmEtrade: The Marketplace For Your Pharmacy

Welcome to PharmETrade!

PharmETrade is United Pharmacy Network’s proprietary online marketplace. It was built from the ground up to be a marketplace for independent pharmacies. Consider it an eBay for those non-chain store pharmacies that are an important member of any community. This platform is independent from the distributors such as Kinray and Cardinal. So, there is no need or pressure to change your distributor. PharmETrade is seeking to be an open market for pharmacies to bid on, buy, and sell a wide range of products. It is for legitimate pharmacies only.

Once you have signed up, and your account is approved, you can join in on the action.

There are many benefits to a marketplace such as this. Most pharmacies utilize “disposal” services for their expired meds. This is a widespread practice. However, when disposing of meds in the typical method, the disposal group pays back 20% to 30% of the cost of the disposed med. This is not a favorable return. Instead of disposing of meds, PharmETrade will allow you to list your short-date meds before they expire, gaining your group 80% to 90% back on the cost of the drug! You cannot lose. If for some reason, your short-date meds don’t sell, there is nothing stopping you from disposing them as usual. However, if you give PharmETrade a chance, you can take those meds before being disposed, and get a shot at earning more money back into your pharmacy. No one wants to throw money away!

What if your pharmacy is looking for a rare, one-off med? Instead of paying too much for a one time drug, perhaps you can buy it on PharmETrade! If you are on the buying side of the equation on our marketplace, fear not about invoicing. Since you must be a legitimate pharmacy just to join, there is a clear history of each, and every drug posted on the site. This includes “where” it came from. You can save money by buying a med typically priced below the normal cost. And fear not, there is a clear paper trail to every purchase.

Have you seen this concept before? PharmETrade does not stand alone when it comes to a marketplace for pharmacies, however, only PharmETrade charges NO Commission fees, and NO membership fees. It is truly an open market! The sooner you sign up, the better! Once approved you can use this marketplace to make sure you are getting the best costs on both your short date med selling and purchasing!

Signing up to PharmETrade is simple, and we look forward to building an open and robust exchange between independent pharmacies nationwide! This product, after all, was built by a Group Purchasing Organization for independent pharmacies, because that is who we care about! Join our marketplace, as we continue to help compete with the chain stores!

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