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UPN & Go Mouthwash partner to freshen up independent pharmacy's profits

In our never ending search to differentiate independent community pharmacies from big box competitors we have formed a partnership with Go Mouthwash.

With COVID restrictions easing, many people have been getting back to travel. Whether it is to explore now places or visit family, many of us are excited to get back to normal.

Cue, Go Mouthwash! Go Mouthwash comes with an innovative travel-friendly packaging that makes it a convenient on-the-go mouthwash. Unlike traditional mouthwashes that come in large bottles, Go Mouthwash is available in small portable sachets that are easy to carry wherever your journey takes you. Most importantly, the product is TSA-approved which is a huge plus and something travelers and explorers are looking for.

We spoke to Karen and Austin Loper, an amazing mother and son team, about their innovative product and how it can be used to grow our pharmacy business.

We know this partnership is beneficial to our independent pharmacy members. Below is an order form with more information. As always if you have questions please reach out to us at, or .

We look forward to helping you and your pharmacy grow!

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