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Tips for the Modern Pharmacist: Professional Skills

In this wonderful interview from Pharmacy Times with Shane Desselle, BSPharm, Ph.D., they dive into some great tips that are overlooked but essential when expanding one's pharmacy knowledge. As pharmacists, we often invest a lot of our time on the clinical side of the knowledge spectrum and often think management skills or "soft skills" will be learned with time. In order to "practice at the top of one's license" we must not forget to nurture skills such as time management, delegation, negotiation, marketing, communication, operational, and personnel management, just to name a few.

What better place to get insight and knowledge than from our peers? Whether it be a colleague, supervisor, mentor, or other professionals not necessarily in the pharmacy business, knowledge can be closer than you think.

Let's let go of our egos and invest in self-improvement. Below is a list of resources you may already be using to expand your pharmacy knowledge, but never thought to consult for soft skills development.

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Ram Manda
Ram Manda
May 26, 2021

Testing comments.

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