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Member Spotlight: Livingston Pharmacy

Becky Ruditser of Livingston Pharmacy is the latest member to be UPN's guest to Sunday's Giants game. Proving that big results can come with hard work, Becky has been with UPN less than one year and has shown tremendous growth using our programs. Becky chose to reward her team and send one of her staff to the game.

Livingston Pharmacy employee, Patrick, and his girlfriend at the Giants Game.

Who is Livingston Pharmacy?

Livingston Pharmacy is owned by Becky Ruditser, located in Livingston, New Jersey. Becky started working in a pharmacy at 16 years old and instantly fell in love with the profession. She decided early on it was what she wanted to do and began exclusively applying to pharmacy programs. Once she graduated from those programs, she received a loan, signed a lease and led her to the success she has found today.

Why Livingston Pharmacy?

The pharmacy Becky grew up working in was in a town of roughly 50,000 people. That town had over 10 pharmacies and each pharmacy was busy. Livingston, where she decided to open her business, has a similar population but with only 2 other independent pharmacies at the time. She knew the town needed it, and she was right! On top of being in a good location, Becky's passion and pharmacy values have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that gets the job done while making people feel good.

What Makes Livingston Pharmacy Successful?

Having strong values and goals when running a pharmacy is what will make or break the business. After speaking with Becky, it is clear that her values and goals are what make Livingston Pharmacy thrive. Her pharmacy values are, "Be big enough to serve everyone for everything possible, but small enough to know them."Along with the goals of,"grow at a pace where we can continue to help, be an asset to the community, and optimize healthcare." Becky also shared some tips that she would give herself back in 2013, when starting Livingston pharmacy. Her words of advice were:

  1. Make each and every customer feel like your only customer

  2. Stay humble

  3. Be patient

  4. Take it one day at a time

In addition, her love for the community and drive to make deep connections adds a unique touch to her business. Her hopes are to make coming to a pharmacy a pleasurable experience, where you can meet neighbors and loved ones and have wonderful conversations with your community pharmacists. Which she has executed flawlessly.

Where UPN Comes In

Livingston Pharmacy has been a member of UPN for less than a year and has already shown significant progression. Becky mentioned, "UPN has been very inviting and kind, consistent with their pricing, and most importantly, reliable during a very hectic time in retail pharmacy." It is so rewarding to see and hear these results from our members and want to give as many pharmacies the opportunity to grow like Livingston Pharmacy. Learn more today!

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