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Member Spotlight: Arcadia Health Pharmacy

United Pharmacy Network Sends Another Valued Member to a Giants Game

In the latest installment of “Member Spotlight'' we sat down with Ricky Yung, owner of Arcadia Health Pharmacy, to get some insight on how to become a successful pharmacy in one of the toughest markets, New York City. Arcadia Health Pharmacy’s generic compliance growth earned him a trip to watch his favorite football team, the New York Giants, on September 26th.

Why and When Did Arcadia Come to Be?

"I became a pharmacist to help patients understand the medications they are taking and protect them from medication errors. Seeing them happy and healthy makes me happy. When I decided I wanted more control of how the pharmacy was run, I opened up my first pharmacy. There were certain things I did not agree with, but could not always change under corporate."

What is Special About Arcadia's Location?

"Arcadia Health Pharmacy is located in Arcadia Mall with many doctor offices on the third floor. Many doctors find it convenient to send prescriptions downstairs, which helps facilitate patient compliance to medications."

What Makes Arcadia Successful?

"The pharmacy’s values are patient centered care, excellence, honesty, integrity, and respect. We hope to increase patient compliance with medications to ensure they are living a healthy lifestyle. We do community outreach at public events and fairs to help engage with patients and provide easy access to health care professionals."

4 Tips From Arcadia To Make Your Pharmacy Stand Out

  1. Communicate effectively with both coworkers and patients

  2. Stay organized

  3. Increase marketing

  4. Provide excellent customer service

Other Pharmacies Owned by Ricky Yung

- Arcadia Plus: located on 38th Ave. in Flushing

- A Class Pharmacy: located on 85 Elizabeth St in Chinatown

- Safe Health Pharmacy: located on 61st St. in Brooklyn

Why UPN?

"As a member of UPN, we receive special deals on generics. It helps us since margins are already tight from insurance reimbursement."

Pharmacies that join UPN have the opportunity to grow like Arcadia Health Pharmacy. We care about you and your business. We would love to sit down with you and talk about your business goals. If you would like to learn about how UPN can help you grow your pharmacy, reach out to us!

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