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Digital Makeover: Pharmacy Edition

Digital presence is everything. If your pharmacy isn't reaching its full potential, consider implementing changes to revolutionize how you normally get things done.

Why a digital makeover? It's not just about having a cool website design or sleek logo. It's about meeting your patients or prospective patients where they are. If one or more of these pain points apply to you, it may be time for a makeover.

  1. Your website is not mobile-responsive or outdated

  2. Your business needs an app

  3. Your products and services can be better promoted with explainer videos

  4. Your content has not been refreshed in a long time or...ever

  5. Your business needs ads

  6. Your business has a weak social presence

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Reboot Your Website


Simplify the content on your website to make sure that images are strong, and all text is clear, accurate, and concise. It is good practice to simplify your website navigation. Too many options and your patients can get lost or have trouble finding what they need. This frustration leads to missed opportunities and worse, loss of a valued patient.


Make sure your website is easy to maintain so you can spend less time updating and more time focusing on providing the best care for your patients. Sure it sounds like a great idea to have a fully custom website built by skilled developers but if it takes more than a few minutes make simple changes this customization is counter-productive. One of the easiest ways to keep your website fresh is to incorporate social media feeds into your website. This ensures there is always something new for visitors to see; it also helps increase traffic to your website and social media, that's a win win!

Be More Social


Facebook is a place to showcase what makes your pharmacy unique, and to build an online community. We are not talking about the deals of the week or the new display you got. We are talking about YOU! Use social media to show how you are making a difference in your community, share some knowledge or questions you frequently answer. You want people to think of you as a knowledge center not a product center. Post infographics, videos of immunization clinics, or customer appreciation events. Anything that shows your pharmacy's personality.


Consider a paid advertising campaigns. These can be a relatively low-cost way to boost visits to your page or promote your next event. The best thing about these ads is you can target your audience. This type of focus paired with tracking and reports is the main advantage of digital versus traditional advertising.


There's a great deal that goes into a digital makeover for a business. Sometimes, it can be as much work as creating a whole new business and setting your operations in place. Sometimes it can be as simple as linking your social media accounts for refreshed content. Either way, enhancing your digital makeup will determine how your audience interacts with you. It is the foundation of your business success and something that needs to be carefully crafted. We've looked at some helpful tips to get started. Do your business a favor, make a resounding impact and bring more value to your patients with a digital makeover.

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