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Why Marketing?

The foundation for success in a customer-driven business is a dynamic marketing plan. In a way, it is an instruction manual for your pharmacy's success because it opens your eyes to the bigger picture of how your operation intersects with your reputation and visibility in your community. Whether you are looking to create loyalty and trust with current and prospective patients or position your pharmacy and services as the best in your community, the process should begin with marketing planning. 


A marketing plan can't be a rigid, inflexible document. It has to be periodically reassessed and adjusted according to external and internal changes:

  • Changes in staff and capabilities
  • Changes in revenue and financial resources
  • Availability of new products and programs
  • Changing reimbursement models
  • Changes in goals and objectives

A marketing plan should be based on 6- to 12-month goals, broken down into shorter-term objectives. Goals are broadly defined outcomes (end-state), while objectives are tangible, measurable progress points. 

Example Goal: To increase compound revenue by 10% over 12 months. 
Example Objective: Conduct targeted email campaign Jan-March 2018 to push the value of HRT and pain medication compounding to patients 50 and older. 

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Printed Material

We can provide personalized digital flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, and more for your pharmacy. 

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Social Media Management

We can create and help you manage all your social media networks. 

Community Outreach

We have helped many pharmacies with ideas and ways to support their local community by helping them host events, attend fairs and other local events.

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We Offer

- Total Purchasing Solutions                                                     

- Wholesaler Program Options                                                                       

- Durable Medical Equipment 

- Internet Marketing Tools 

- B2B Marketing 

- Government Relations

- Store Branding 

- Medication Therapy Management Tools 

- Social Media Marketing

- B2C Marketing 

- Reimbursement Solutions

Reimbursement Solutions

Being a member we strive on generating revenue and implementing new and improved techniques to reduce costs and save you money. Along with reimbursement solutions! 

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