New Reports Show Skyrocketing DIR Fees

Since 2013 DIR fees have increased by a shocking 1600%.  Through a loophole in the program, health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are profiting from DIR fees in excess of 500% per prescription.  So while the PBMs are profiting, your local pharmacy is shuttering.

Read more here:  https://www.drugtopics.com/article/new-reports-show-skyrocketing-dir-fees?fbclid=IwAR3QAaCcvBm3Nwo_duFwYe1jb2Yyw-UkS4hZDmOv0sy5ESCWB9rMgc6iTMs

Get into politics or get out of pharmacy.

Over half of your reimbursements are decided in Congress. Join the NCPA 2020 Congressional Fly-In April 21-April 22 to fight against PBM abuse, pharmacy DIR reform, & patient access with lawmakers. Let’s unite and fight for community pharmacy’s future.now! 

Learn more:  https://youtu.be/wzEZc-lgtC4

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NJ Governor signs DeCroce bill capping out of pocket prescription costs.

New Jersey saw a victory when Governor Murphy signed bill A2431 sponsored by Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce into law.  This bill caps the out of pocket expenses for prescription drugs.

“Many people with high-cost-sharing plans don’t take vital medications prescribed by their doctors because they can’t afford their co-pays,” said DeCroce (R-Morris). “The result is poor health outcomes and increased long term costs for chronically ill patients. Capping out-of-pocket payments will reduce health care costs in the long run.”

UPN/PPN has had a longstanding relationship with Assemblywoman DeCroce.  Thank you Assemblywoman DeCroce for looking out for our needs!


Thank You NJ General Assembly
​By passing NJ A3717 yesterday you have made a big step for the rights of independent pharmacy.  NJ A3717 prohibits PBMs from making certain retroactive reductions in claims payments to pharmacies as well as requires PBMs to disclose certain product information to pharmacies.  Heading to the Senate floor next month!

Doing everything right and still getting hit by DIR fees?  

FixRx Pharmacy Day of Action in NYC and UPN/PPN was there!

We lent our voices with the pharmacists at rally day .  Were you there?