The Impact of COVID-19 on Pharmacies

By - Daniella
06.25.20 12:54 PM

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and state-wide lockdown restrictions are lifted or changed, pharmacies can expect to see a higher volume of customers in their stores. Pharmacists play a crucial role within the community, as they are often the first health care professionals that the public turns to for pandemic supplies and resources. Aside from providing necessary PPE and OTC products, pharmacists will be expected to provide COVID-19 information to pharmacy customers, including prevention, response, and recovery, and must be prepared to answer COVID-19 related questions. 

A likely possibility for many pharmacies moving forward will be the designation of their store as a COVID-19 testing site to supply or administer COVID-19 tests. For specialty pharmacies that carry medications not available in larger stores, there’s a likelihood of dealing with drug shortages during or after COVID-19, that could impact their ability to fulfill specialty medications or doses. 

Overall, in the short-term pharmacies will see an influx of customers and an increase in pharmacists’ workload. Looking further ahead, pharmacies must anticipate the need to expand the services and knowledge offered to their customers and community.

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