Teva Respiratory Launches First Smart Inhaler

07.15.20 11:46 AM Comment(s) By Daniella

Teva Respiratory released the first digital albuterol sulfate 117 mcg rescue inhaler for patients over the age of four, with a corresponding companion app. This rescue inhaler is meant to treat or prevent bronchospasm for patients with reversible obstructive airway disease and is for the prevention of bronchospasm that is exercise-induced. The inhaler connects to the companion app via Bluetooth wireless technology sensors on the inhaler, and can be easily added to the app by scanning a QR code on the inhaler.

The companion app will give the patient a rating based on breath actuation that determines how well the patient is inhaling, therefore showing providers how effectively the inhaler is being used by the patient. Objective data including timestamps and peak inspiratory flow will also be measured by the inhaler and sent to the mobile app. All of the information gathered on the app can easily be shared with a health care provider to assist in condition management, as stated by Teva. 

After pharmacists receive training on the inhaler, they will be able to assist patients with the set up and use of their inhalers. According to Teva, the wholesale acquisition cost of the inhaler is $146.67, though the real cost for providers and individual patients is expected to be lower.

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