Increase Pharmacy Profits through Staffing Changes

By - Daniella
07.28.20 02:35 PM

When it comes to staffing your pharmacy, each store varies in finding the appropriate number of staff and hours. Especially as store traffic changes day to day and seasonally, it may be hard to determine when to schedule your staff and how many. However, there are a few ways you can shift your staff and scheduling in order to maximize your pharmacy’s profits. 

First, independent pharmacies should match shifts and store hours with the demands of its community, not necessarily the typical 9-5 work week. By reviewing sales volume by day, time, and season you can determine when to schedule more or less staff members. In addition to adjusting hours, you can also close on a day during the week that does not produce sales for the pharmacy. This small change can save the pharmacy thousands of dollars per year. 

Next, reevaluate the layout of the pharmacy and remove any barriers that could be breaking up the pharmacy’s flow. To increase the pharmacy’s efficiency, the layout should be linear to allow scripts to be filled seamlessly from start to finish. Also, take time to train different members of your pharmacy on each area of the fulfillment line, so that in case a staff member resigns, others can easily continue fulfillment. 

Finally, as more doctors write electronic prescriptions, pharmacies should adapt their intake procedures to decrease the number of physical prescriptions being dropped off. This change could also include creating a portal for patients to refill their prescriptions electronically. 

Every pharmacy faces a unique challenge to find the perfect balance of staffing and pharmacy hours. By analyzing sales data, pharmacies can determine when there are high traffic hours and adjust staffing accordingly. Additionally, as protocols evolve, especially during COVID-19, it is important for pharmacies to be aware of how to serve their communities best and provide the appropriate accommodations, such as accepting electronic prescriptions. 

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