Teva Respiratory Launches First Smart Inhaler

By Daniella

Teva Respiratory released the first digital albuterol sulfate 117 mcg rescue inhaler for patients over the age of four, with a corresponding companion app. This rescue inhaler is meant to treat or prevent bronchospasm for patients with reversible obstructive airway disease and is for the prevention ...

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The Impact of Sleep on Children's Mental Health

By Daniella

A recent study conducted by the University of Houston examined the impact of poor sleep on children ages 7 to 11. During the study, children were administered two tests, one after a full night of sleep, and one after a night of restricted sleep. The participants were then shown a series of images an...

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Maintaining Brain Health during COVID-19

By Daniella

As a result of COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdown restrictions, most events including weddings, parties, social gatherings, and more have been cancelled. This, combined with changes in job hours or locations, has created a new norm far from many individual’s typical life before the pandemic. On to...

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Patients Benefit from Integration of Pharmacists into General Practice Teams

By Daniella

Integrating pharmacists into general practice (GP) teams, specifically among patients with long-term or complex medical needs, could decrease pressure on GP teams and optimize patient treatment entirely, according to new research by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. When GPs manage patient t...

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Racial Inequality within High Deductible Health Plans

By Daniella

A recent study done by the Boston University School of Public Health found that black cancer survivors are more likely to struggle financially when covered by high deductible health plans than white cancer survivors on the same plan. Based on data from the National Health Interview Survey, researche...

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