About United Pharmacy Network

United Pharmacy Network (UPN) is dedicated to providing community pharmacies with innovative and effective ways to compete with national chains.

Through the buying power of our network, our members receive substantial savings on their purchases through our premier vendor portfolio. Combined with our proven marketing strategies, we offer all the tools you will need to maximize your financial performance while growing your customer base.

We don't just simply fill prescriptions. Our stores carry many specialty products such as the following making our stores a one-stop shop for all your medical needs:

  • surgical supplies
  • home health care aids
  • durable medical equipment

Our pharmacists are not only intelligent, but they pride themselves on how much their surrounding community trusts them with any questions they may have regarding products, their usage, or event the latest information on simply attempting to maintain livings a healthier life.

What we give our pharmacies are the branding, network services, e-commerce, and marketing tools needed in order to be successful in today's competitive healthcare market.